Penal Clothing

Knowledge is power! 

Know the law! 

Know your rights!

Tajuana Nelson

Content Provider

These are perilous times but for many, these have always been the times.

The underlining element feeding much of the strife can be traced back to extreme levels of inequality.

The inequality of women that allowed the Harvey Weinstein’s, Bill Cosby’s, Roman Polanski’s and R. Kelly’s to thrive.

The inequality that allowed the genocide of indigenous people and centuries of slavery, oppression, and murder of black people.

The inequality of the economic disparity which contributed to the spread of the coronavirus in low-income neighborhoods.

I have been touched by all these inequalities, experiencing sexual assault on an NYC subway, being denied promotions at work but at the same time being given more responsibilities and being a single mother in Harlem that contracted the Coronavirus even while following all recommended safety precautions

A call to action is required for these and many other inequalities. Penal Clothing’s position is don’t wait until something happens to you or those you care about before you become informed or involved.

Become more educated about the law, practice more awareness and TAKE action. Let Penal Clothing (PC) help you take a stance.


PenalCode: a code of laws concerning crimes and offenses and their punishment.    ~Merriam- Webster