Penal Clothing

Knowledge is power! 

Know the law! 

Know your rights!

Tajuana Nelson

Content Provider

Once in my early 20’s I remember riding a packed NYC train when a man begun pressing obscenely into my body from behind. I recall not knowing how to address the situation and somehow feeling his behavior was intentional but not sure and suffering in silence. I felt so many emotions, disgust, shame, vulnerability, and angry. 

Little did I know a crime was being committed.

Many of the 5400+ penal codes in New York state seem repetitive and confusing, which can make it difficult to know the magnitude of a crime or if one is even being committed. 

Thankfully most of us will not be the perpetrator or victim of a crime, which is why we are so unaware of how or why the legal system operates the way it does. But Penal Clothing’s position is don’t wait until something happens to you or those you care about before you become informed or involved.

PC’s mission is to help the public become more educated about the law, practice more awareness and action. Let Penal Clothing (PC) help you take a stance.


PenalCode: a code of laws concerning crimes and offenses and their punishment.    ~Merriam- Webster