Penal Code Clothing

Knowledge is power! 

Know the law! 

Wear your rights!

Hi, I’m Trulie Nix the founder of Penal Clothing, a civic media brand that uses a unique messaging strategy to communicate the language of the law. We advocate for knowing the law and knowing your rights.

We provide a simple way to convey complicated legal jargon and historical text for everyday people. Currently, we are marketing that message using T-Shirts.

Do you know only 70% of Americans know just one of the 5 freedoms in the First Amendment? That’s 1 in 5 people, even though it’s considered one of the most important amendments of the US Constitution. 

I was 1 in 5 people who didn't know; I wanted to explore a better way to learn about our justice system. In the current environment of social and political unrest, it's extremely important to know your rights.

Penal Clothing’s position is don’t wait until something happens to you or those you care about before you become informed or involved.

Become more educated about the law, practice more awareness, and TAKE action. Let Penal Clothing (PC) help you take a stance.

PenalCode: a code of laws concerning crimes and offenses and their punishment.    ~Merriam- Webster